The Terlingua and Lajitas Area

There are three towns that sit along highway 170 in the southwestern area of Texas.  The Resort Town of Lajitas on the western end, Terlingua (Ghost Town) in the middle, and Study Butte on the east end.  Lajitas actually sits on the Rio Grande river and has recently been completely rebuilt into a resort town for the rich.  The resort includes golf courses, equestrian center, health spa, fancy hotels and condos, and catering to the rich.  Steve Smith (Round Rock, TX) purchased the town in 2001 and is continuing to upgrade it into the "Ultimate Hideaway for the Rich".  To learn more about the resort, CLICK HERE.

The terrain is the rugged Chihuahuan Desert with igneous and limestone mountains in all directions.  This area was inundated with violent volcanoes 10 million years ago and still bears the marks of the activity.  This is primarily a vacation area.  There are locals who live in the area, probably 3000 - 5000 population.  River rafting, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, ATV 4-wheeling, horseback riding, and drinking beer are the main things to do for recreation.  The winters are the most beautiful in Texas, with temperatures often in the 70's.  Summers can get very hot in the desert where temperatures are typically upper 90's to 110.


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