House Information

The house is built on rocky limestone soil.  The foundation is 2'x2' concrete with rebar.  The walls are 1.5' thick adobe brick.  The windows and doors were handmade in Ojinaga Mexico.  The windows open.  The interior walls are had rubbed adobe mud, natural.  The exterior has stucco with elastomeric paint.  There are no cracks or problems at all with the adobe, even after 6 years.  This is a very well made house.

Sq. footage - 600

electricity - solar (300 watt), wind (400 watt), 4x360mamp batteries, 1800W inverter, lights are DC, outlets are AC

water - rain catchment off the shed into two 1800 gallon tanks.

gas - 300 gallon propane

cooling - fans (solar power), and 12,000 btu window unit (run with generator)

heating - 3 propane indoor heaters

floor - limestone rock

Click here for a rough layout of the house


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