Video mpg's of the Workers


I have compiled some mpg videos of the workers building the house.  These are very large files and may take a few minutes to load.  You really need DSL, cable, or some type broadband to view these.  These videos are really pretty cool.


bancas                                 foundation1                               vault2


bancas2                               jesusitaonramada                       vault3


bancas3                               makingadobes                           vault4


arch1                                   makingadobes2                         vaultjesusitachipping


archbrick                             makingadobes3                         vaultmud


brickonarch                         makingadobes4


building1                              mixingadobemud


building2                              makingdome


building3                              palmleaves


building4                              screeningsand


building5                              shower


building6                              shower2


buyingvigas                          tymnmixingmud


courtyardarch                      vault


creek1                                vault1



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